House fire

Firefighter/paramedic Julie Le Blanc sprays foam on a wall at 613 Vaughn Ave. where a fire of undetermined origin was quickly extinguished Tuesday afternoon. Fire Capt. Chris Bulovsky said a rapid response by firefighters prevented a more serious blaze.

Damage confined to outside siding

A fast response by Ashland firefighters is credited for preventing the spread of a fire Tuesday afternoon in a home at 613 Vaughn Ave.

The house is owned by Emery Mattson of Ashland and is utilized as a rental property.

Firefighters said they did immediately know the cause of the fire that apparently began on the outside of the building and did not penetrate past the outer wood siding. It was reported by a passerby.

“This is a textbook example of a fast response, where you can keep small fires small,” Fire Capt. Chris Bulovsky said. “This was rapidly transitioning into a structure fire where you would have had it within the building. We were able to keep it as a superficial exterior fire. There will have to be some siding replaced, but essentially it is livable right now. Another five minutes, it would have been a different story altogether. This is the advantage of having a staff on 24-7.”

Mattson said it appeared that the damage would be less than $1,000. He said it was the third fire at one of his properties since he became a landlord in the 1960s. He said this fire was still the most serious fire he has had.

“That’s one of the advantages of being five blocks from the fire department,” he said. “They are great people.”

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