The Arcata Marsh is home to more than 300 species of birds and also serves as that California city’s wastewater treatment facility. (Contributed photo by Gregg Jennings.)

I parked near a number of other cars and watched as a middle-aged woman exited her SUV. She extracted a spotting scope attached to a folded-up tripod from the back seat of the vehicle. I guessed she was the Redwood Region Audubon Society volunteer that would lead the bird-watching walk. As I approached her she greeted me.

“Are you here for the bird walk?”


Song sparrows thrive in both California and Wisconsin, and can be daunting for a beginning birder because they have five different songs. (Contributed photo by Gregg Jennings.)


This striking pair of cinnamon teal were right at home in Arcata’s natural wastewater treatment plant. (Contributed photo by Gregg Jennings.)


Egrets find plenty of fish in the waters of the Arcata Marsh. (Contributed photo by Gregg Jennings.)

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