Lissa Flemming, owner of Bayfield's Silverwaves Jewelry, came up with the idea of agate fairies to merge art and science for Bayfield students.

Lissa Flemming of Bayfield has always had a special relationship with fairies. Born in England, she grew up considering fairies a part of her everyday life.

“In England, there are lots of fairy stories,” she said. “They are seen as real, and finding a fairy circle or fairy mushrooms was evidence those fairies had visited.”


Lucien LaPointe, a Bayfield Elementary School student, decided his agate fairy should be a zombie fairie.


‘Agate Ranger’ Steve Ballou, the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore outreach educator, seen with his fairy, Juliette (Juju for short). Ballou became part of the agate fairy project by creating a video in which he explains how Lake Superior agates are formed.


Once agate fairies get their wings, they go on adventures with their creators. This fairy went on a trek to the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore sea caves.

agate fairies 4

Bayfield Elementary School student Kyle Williams holds a nest that will be filled with treasures collected by his agate fairy, Ernie, who has gone on ATV adventure rides with Kyle. “Tell all the kids to make fairies so they can go on adventures with them,” he advises.

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