This week we were given our first winter blast, and now we wonder what is next. Will climate change bring more cold, more snow and ice, more bundling-up before stepping outdoors? After all, we are halfway through November already, and we all know how this month is not just a precursor to actual winter, but a bringer of the real thing. It always takes time, this coming of cold weather. Time to feel comfortable with long underwear, and time to pause to shake our head at the sight of a young person wearing cut-offs, or even real shorts, this time of year. And those light jackets, if they even wear a coat at all.

Remember when your kids were toddlers – how you used to bundle them up before going outdoors? Remember that drive to Grandma’s and Grandpa’s, that drive that may have taken an hour or even more? We always took enough warm clothes just in case. Back in the day it was essential to prepare for bad driving conditions – to be ready if we slipped into the ditch. Yes, driving long distances on winter roads used to be a very serious undertaking. Such trips demanded preparations. Some of us would not leave home without that lengthy chain in the trunk.

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