This is Fourth of July weekend and the pow wow has returned to Red Cliff. Always enjoyable, these gatherings are good for the soul. This year it was no different, and maybe a bit more special than usual because of the COVID pandemic. Last year, Red Cliff did not have a pow wow, but this year it came back, and the people were ready. It was warm, the temperature threatening to rise close to three digits, but thankfully, at least on Saturday, there was a welcome, cool wind.

Nineteen drum groups came and joined in. We were told about 200 dancers registered this time around, a good number compared to past years, but still less than is recorded for some of the major midwestern pow wows. Open to the public, there are food, arts and crafts vendors and local informational booths. In these modern times, pow wows can be huge, their size telling how important they have become.

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