Down on the Farm

Pureed and mixed with garlic, oil and butter, roasted asparagus makes a great dip or spread.

Most perennials are hearty once they become established, but asparagus is finicky. It doesn’t like competition, its roots have to be planted “just so,” and if there’s not enough rain, see you later! Despite several plantings of this delicious crop, our yields on our farm have never been what we’d hoped. Thank goodness for our fellow small-farm friends in the Bayfield region who have been able to help keep us supplied and our CSA shares stocked!

I realize that most of the asparagus of the season will likely be eaten right up (perhaps even raw, where it tastes a bit like fresh peas), but if you happen to have too much on hand or are looking for something new to try, Chef Kara’s recipe this week is particularly delicious. Great as a spread on bread, a dip for veggies, or even as a dressing for salmon!

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