The Berlages

Laura and Kara Berlage

It’s that time of year when the zucchinis are everywhere. You’ve tried to give them to the neighbors and cousins, stuffed them in mailboxes and left them on porches, even checked to see if someone left their car door open, so you could tuck one on the seat! OK, even if you haven’t, admit that you’ve thought about doing it!

All the rain has spurred the zucchinis into full production before autumn’s frosts. If I miss a picking, I return to the garden to find three-foot-zucchini sharks waiting for me. Good thing the pigs love them so much. But if you’re not so lucky as to have a few handy pigs about, you’re probably wondering what to do with all the zucchinis coming out of the garden. One can, alas, only eat so much zucchini bread.

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