The giant redwoods of California dwarf anything a Wisconsin wanderer might find in the woods. (Contributed photo by Gregg Jennings.)

On one of my days off, it was sunny and somewhat warm for a change on the California coast. I decided to take the motorcycle to the Headwaters Forest Reserve for a photo workshop I read about. I also decided to wear a light motorcycle jacket just in case it got cold. As it turned out, I should have worn one more layer, because it was just a little too cold for the windbreaker at 55 mph.

When I arrived at the parking lot for the Elk River Trailhead I saw quite a few cars parked. It was 11:43 a.m., so I thought I should see a number of people standing around waiting for the photo workshop to start at noon — but not a soul was in sight. Maybe we were supposed to meet at the Visitor Center about a half-mile up the asphalt-paved trail? Some people came and began hiking the trail. None had any kind of camera gear. I, too, began to walk the trail. The main reason I came to the Headwaters Forest Reserve was to hike the trails. The photo workshop was the secondary reason. I saw a sign warning that the trail was closed in about two miles, because of a couple of “dangerous landslides.” I planned to hike at least that far.


2: Fellow Bureau of Land Management employees scramble over trees down in a mudslide in California’s Headwaters Forest Reserve. (Contributed photo by Gregg Jennings.)

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