Greschner Column

At the end of the street, where the city meets its limit, the road turns toward the highway for a short half-block along a meadow. It’s 150 yards of diverse and thick vegetation, this north side of the street where the countryside makes its point boldly and colorfully that the city ends here.

Dave Greschner


I like this stretch. I walk it daily, enjoying the colorful natural diary of the seasons, from wild geraniums in spring to arrow-leaved asters in fall. I can easily jot down nearly 40 species of wildflowers and shrubs that take their turn here, including daisies and chicories, wild roses and red clover, morning glories and day lilies, Queen Anne’s lace and Canada thistle. Asparagus, too, if you know when and where to look. Some wildflowers stump me, so I bring home petals and stems from the walks that pause with each new discovery, each new bloom.

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