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EDITOR: A recent op-ed by former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker extolled Donald Trump as a “bold, decisive, and steadfast leader” regarding his response to the coronavirus pandemic that is gripping the nation and the world. Clearly Mr. Walker wants everyone to believe in an alternate reality about Trump much like he did about science and climate change while he was governor. The sad truth is that the federal response to the crisis under Trump has been fraught with denial, misinformation and dysfunction. Rather than taking immediate action in early January, Trump, in complicity with Fox News, said the pandemic was a “Democratic hoax” no worse than the flu, and that the virus would disappear “miraculously” and the number of cases would soon be down to “zero”.

As the facts emerge about the problematic response to the pandemic and as the death toll rises, Trump has taken over the microphone at the White House coronavirus press briefings. He has essentially turned the briefing into a self-aggrandizing campaign rally where he engages in name-calling, rambling speeches about his border wall, blaming Obama, attacking NATO and our European allies, fake news, and attacking the press when they ask questions he doesn’t like or can’t answer.

As Walker states “this is no time for partisanship,” Trump continues to attack Democrats for insufficient medical supplies and equipment, while praising Republican governors in spite of their inaction to slow the spread of the disease.

Trump has proclaimed himself to be a “wartime president” but when confronted at a March press conference about the missteps addressing the pandemic he said, “I don’t take responsibility at all.”  That says it all, Mr. Walker, about how this president is totally unfit for the leadership that this nation desperately needs and deserves during this time of crisis.

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