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EDITOR: Where does Ashland Maytor Debra Lewis get off unilaterally and arbitrarily changing the wording of the Pledge of Allegiance. At the Sept. 29 council meeting Lewis told everyone in attendance that she would lead the reciting of the pledge and the people in attendance were to follow her lead and recite the pledge silently after her. To my utter shock Lewis left out the words “one nation under God.” She did this without informing anyone in attendance as to what she was up to! Who does she think she is?

Everyone has a right to their opinion and can choose what they believe in but when a public figure like the mayor portrays the recital of the pledge, which has been recited before a council meeting since the beginning of time, to be the actual pledge as written and then eliminates words because of her own personal beliefs then we have a major problem within her office and that problem is her! By her actions she purposely tried to have people, who actually agree with the words “one nation under God,” omit them to meet her standards of what she believe is right. This is not the city of Deb Lewis.

At the very least Lewis should have advised the people in attendance that she was going to eliminate “one nation under God” from her recital and then the people who had a problem with that elimination would not have followed her lead. I guess what Lewis believes in is what we all have to follow.

See this happening anywhere else?

If the powers to be don’t like the pledge as written, then there are things that can be done in an appropriate manner to eliminate the pledge from being recited at the council meeting instead of having some petty two-bit politician changing the wording on her own accord.

As is typical with the administration of Lewis, facts have no basis in her actions. As recently as 2013 and 2015 a number of state supreme courts have ruled that the reference to “under God” represents a patriotic, not a religious, exercise so it could be construed that the mayor of or town is not patriotic!

Maybe Lewis should spend her time getting the screwed-up streets fixed and work for the people instead of wasting her time coming up with these little political hit jobs to satisfy her own, not the community’s needs.


Editor’s note: The Pledge of Allegiance, as written in 1892, didn’t refer to the United States of America at all. Among several revisions over the years, the phrase “under God” was added in 1954.

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