George Einar Busséy,

White River

EDITOR: Political COVID is damaging and can be deadly. James Bolen, candidate for Wisconsin Assembly District 74, came to my house recently. I said that if our leaders (local, state, and national) had all been on the same page in the spring, counseling us all to use face masks, social distance and avoid crowded environments, we wouldn't be in such sad shape today with

COVID once again on the rise in Wisconsin at the beginning of the school year. The Republican-controlled Wisconsin Legislature made a critical error when it took the governor's Safer At Home mandate to court and had it defeated.

If they had supported the governor's recommendations from the beginning a mandate might not have been necessary. They killed Safer At Home in mid-May — exactly when it was most critical to controlling the virus. They could have made their point in principle but still endorsed public support of the critical virus-control measures.

Ashland County’s COVID-19 are following the state trend upward, making Wisconsin third in the nation in per capita new cases.

So when it comes time to vote this fall, let us not forget that it was the Republicans in control of our state Legislature (including Tom Tiffany) who forced the premature end of Wisconsin's Safer At Home COVID-19 virus controls, thus resulting in the excessive resurgence of the virus over the

summer and now into the fall. They may have had a technical point, but they exhibited extremely poor judgment in the timing and manner of pursuing their argument.

This deadly failure of judgment on the part of Wisconsin Republicans demands that they be voted out of office.

I do give James Bolen credit. He listened. I told him that as a voter, public health is one of my top policy priorities, and certainly the most urgent. I hope other Assembly candidates and Senators are listening too. And maybe even the president. We can only hope and pray.

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