EDITOR: As a teaching aide in the Mellen School and a former full-time teacher for 23 years at the same school where my two children received an excellent education, I must take issue with Peter Wasson’s recent column in the April 26 edition of the Daily Press. My issue is not necessarily with the merits of his “cancel culture” rant against the school as it is with the fact that he presented his argument solely in a negative light without recognizing Mellen, a small city school, for the efforts its teachers, staff, administration and school board put forth in providing a high-quality education across the board to pre-kindergarten through 12th-grade students. We currently have students who recently have earned scholarships to higher education, and students like so many in other local districts studying diligently and participating in sports and extracurricular pursuits. In other words, recognize our school in the positive light it deserves and not in terms of a single, hot-button issue.

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