EDITOR: My best advice to any city is not to get involved financially with the homeless situation beyond the custodial/humanitarian unless you are prepared to address the reasons people become homeless. I have a personal perspective on this because I took people into my home for 10-15 years. People become homeless for many reasons:

- Personal pathology or mental illness

- Addictions or choice over rationality

- Low IQ or unable to learn from mistakes

- Criminality or predator mentality

- Lack of personal accountability

- Lax legal system

- Enjoy the lifestyle or attention-seeking

- Mismanagement of resources

- Entitlement attitude

- Lack of family connections

- Poverty

- Lack of gratitude as a lifestyle

- Acts of God

I do not oppose humanitarian help. However, you have to know when to back away. Homelessness is a real hurdle but it can be overcome. I am grateful for all the humanitarian help I received when I was homeless.

Ruth Ritter,


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