Lynn Adams,


EDITOR: I am writing in praise of how Bayfield County is succeeding in the COVID vaccine distribution process. I just spent six days working on securing an appointment for the COVID vaccine for my 88-year-old mother in Shawano through the Thedacare website. Shawano County Health Department is not dealing with any COVID vaccinations. Its website directs people to call their healthcare providers or pharmacies. When I called Thedacare they said to get her logged into their portal and keep checking back until a schedule shows up. I checked every three hours for six days and kept getting the message that no appointments were available and to check back later. I was lucky enough to check at 11 p.m. on a Thursday night when a schedule appeared. She is living independently and not in a nursing home or assisted living in Cecil.

Some of our seniors who are not lucky enough to have an advocate for them are falling between the cracks in our state. I can’t understand how some counties are expecting our elderly citizens to sign up online. The lists in Bayfield County are created either by signing up online through their website or by making a phone call. Seniors should be able to get on a list through a phone call and not rely on smart phone or computer technology. Our state needs to do better.

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