Tuesday, May 5 is an international day of charitable giving. In these challenging times, many of us don’t have an extra dime to spare to give to the organizations we love to support. But one of the redeeming characteristics of this awful pandemic has been to see how much we care about each other. So, this Giving Tuesday, let’s keep it going!

Since it feels great to give, and we could all use the morale boost, NorthLakes has a request for all of us. It’s simple and corny, but it’ll feel great: Give the gift of kindness. It’s free! To someone you know who may have recently lost a job. To the essential workers at the grocery store, post office and other places where they are serving us despite the risks. To your neighbor who has been picking up groceries for you, or calling just to check in. It will feel great to give or receive a little smile, empathy and compassion!

On the other hand, if you do happen to have a little disposable cash, how about supporting one of the local small businesses that are the backbone of our communities? With the shutdown, they are losing critical weeks of the short busy season. These small businesses generously give to community fundraisers and events (many have certainly donated to NorthLakes!) It’d be a great time to thank them by purchasing something or buying a gift card to provide some income for their services.

We hope you do not get the wrong impression; NorthLakes is struggling too. And we are so grateful to the generosity of our communities expressed in many kinds of donations, including homemade cloth masks, sanitizers and cash gifts to support our COVID 19 response. But on Giving Tuesday, we wanted to remember that “we all do better when we all do better.” We want all our neighbors, partners and community institutions to thrive. We will get through this together!

Reba Rice is CEO NorthLakes Community Clinic.

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