This is the season of ceremonies and celebrations for those graduating from high school and college. Whatever course one takes to get there, a graduation is like a threshold. We’ve accomplished a common journey with peers and we step over the threshold leaving “student” behind. Where we go from here may vary wildly. That next step may be known or still under construction. A growing number of graduates have shared, though, that the next step isn’t unknown, it doesn’t exist. Given climate- science projections and the lack of action being taken now, some young adults, across all demographics, are unable to step through the threshold of being who they are called to be. Why get up? Why go to college? Why fall in love? When the future of the planet is painted as an eco-hell, unhospitable to humankind in the coming generation, a psychological condition called eco-anxiety can be paralyzing. It’s real. Believing in a thriving future may be one of the greatest acts of faith of our time. And I am a believer.

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