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ABOVE: Lumberyard Plus owner Jim Killinger stands before a collapsed portion of the building’s roof, now exposed to the open sky. The roof collapsed during a Jan. 15 snowstorm, which could spell the end of the century-old business. TOP: About 200 feet of roof fell in under the weight of snow. The structure was built in about 1925, said Margaret Schraufnagel Johnson, whose grandfather Gerald Schraufnagel opened the business. (Rick Olivo/staff photos)

When Margaret Schraufnagel Johnson was a little girl, she and the rest of the Glidden kids would gather around her father’s lumberyard and play among the piles of lumber out back.

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Margaret Schraufnagel Johnson and other Glidden kids used the stacks of lumber as a playground, and she learned to drive in a lumberyard pickup, driving around the stacks of boards. (Rick Olivo/staff photo)

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Wooden braces are being used to strengthen the second floor while owners work to save the inventory in the store portion of the lumberyard. (Rick Olivo/staff photo)

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(Rick Olivo/staff photo)


Glidden contractor Gary Evenson was a regular customer at Lumberyard Plus, and worked there after he moved to Glidden from Neenah. (Rick Olivo/staff photo)

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