Hi, everyone! I’m named Obsidian because I am smooth and shiny and black, and there’s nothing smoother or shinier or blacker than the gemstone obsidian. Did you know that obsidian is really a glass that has been around since the beginning of time when the lava from volcanoes cooled off? It used to be so valuable that people wanted it more than gold. Some folks believe obsidian is a stone that can help you know if somebody isn’t telling you the truth. That’s not so special; every cat in the world can do that. But some people believe that obsidian has other special powers like protecting you from being scared if bad juju is coming your way. And other people think obsidian has a healing vibe that’s good for your whole self, not just your mind, and keeping it close to you can make you be your healthiest and most energetic.

Whoa! Now that’s a lot for one kitty to live up to , but let me tell you, I am just the cat who can do it! Best of all, this historical gemstone is thought to be a good luck charm for people who have a sensitive heart and it has even been known to change bad luck to good luck. So if you could use a little good luck and other good stuff in your life, just call Helping PAWS and ask for me, Obsidian!

Pet of the Week highlights an animal available at the Helping PAWS shelter in Washburn. To learn more about PAWS or view other pets available, visit helpingpawswi.org.

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