POTW 0115


Hi to all my new friends! I’m Checkers. You met my mom, Yahtzee, right here on this very page last week. If you remember, she’s really pretty. If you don’t remember, well, she looks just like me only bigger. In fact, her secret name for me is “Mini Me.” I actually got my real name, Checkers, because some of my black and white spots are sort of square, like on a checker board. I didn’t grow as fast as my brothers, Domino and Chester, so I still need to be with my mom, but that doesn’t mean I can’t come to your house; it just means I need my mom to come, too.

We are actually really bonded and would miss each other terribly if we had to be separated. If you could see how much fun we have playing and snuggling and pretty much doing everything together you’d probably want to have us both anyway. So, if you would like to meet a young mommy cat and girl baby cat who look so much alike that you’d double your fun, please call Helping PAWS and ask for me, Checkers!

Pet of the Week highlights an animal available at the Helping PAWS shelter in Washburn. To learn more about PAWS or view other pets available, visit helpingpawswi.org.

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