Hello, all my new friends!  I’m Clementine.  No, not like “Oh my darlin’ Clementine” in the song.  You remember what happened to her, don’t you?  She was lost And gone forever! Because that’s what happens when kitties get let outside, we get lost and gone forever, so I am definitely not like that Clementine.

Actually, I’m more like the fruity clementine because I am tiny and orange and sweet, and I am even sort of round, as you can tell from my photo. Did you know that the clementine is a type of Mandarin orange, just like tangerines? Coincidentally, I have a brother named Tangerine! He’s the same orange color as me, and we like to roll around and play and entertain our foster family.  Did you know that kitties don’t really like the smell of citrus fruits? That’s why you can keep us from playing in the dirt of your house plants just by putting the peelings from clementines and tangerines and other fruits like them right in the pot with the plant.

Anyway, if you would like to meet a kitten who would love to be your Darlin’ Clementine, but safely indoors, please contact Helping PAWS and ask for me, Clementine!

Pet of the Week highlights an animal available at the Helping PAWS shelter in Washburn. To learn more about PAWS or view other pets available, visit helpingpawswi.org.

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