Hello, Humans! Yoda, I am. No, not the famous Jedi master who helped Luke Skywalker save the galaxy, but so much in common have I with that little green humanoid, I think he was maybe named after me, not the other way around! Consider this: Rather small am I for my species, but a great big personality have I. Several super-powers have I that I keep artfully hidden until just the right moment when casually reveal them do I. Wise and quirky am I, and share my wisdom at just the right moments to please and entertain and educate all those who admire me and respect my powers do I. 

Like the Master, an easy going guy am I. Comfortable am I in many alien environments like rescue facilities and foster homes, and I have mastered inter-species relationships with such challenging life forms as dogs and even children! And then, of course, have we both the expressive ears!  o if you would like to meet a kitten in whom The Force is strong, please beam a message to Helping PAWS and ask for me, Yoda!

Pet of the Week highlights an animal available at the Helping PAWS shelter in Washburn. To learn more about PAWS or view other pets available, visit helpingpawswi.org.

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