Hello, everyone, and happy spring! Do you feel like celebrating? Well, I am Mimosa. Do you know what is orange and sweet and bubbly? Me! Oh, you were thinking of that celebratory drink, the mimosa, right? Did you know that the delicious combination of champagne and orange juice was invented in France all the way back in 1925? And people have been celebrating National Mimosa Day every springtime on May 16th ever since. That’s coming up in less than a month.

There are lots of ways you could celebrate National Mimosa Day. You could drink a mimosa or several, or you could tinker with the recipe and create your own version, or you could adopt a kitty named Mimosa who will be loads more fun than a drink, and entertain you with her bubbly personality and not leave you with a hangover.

So if you would like to meet a kitty who can turn any day into a celebration, please contact Helping PAWS and ask for me, Mimosa!

Pet of the Week highlights an animal available at the Helping PAWS shelter in Washburn. To learn more about PAWS or view other pets available, visit helpingpawswi.org.

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