Farmers to Families announces food giveaway

A Farmer to Family food giveaway is returning to Ashland on Wednesday, May 5, with free food for everyone who stops at the Bayview Park parking lot across from Tractor Supply on the city’s east side.

The event, sponsored by the Ashland Police Department, is a program of the U.S. Department of Agriculture intended as a temporary, emergency relief effort to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. With changing economic times and the improvement of the economy, the program is set to end on May 31.

In the past in Ashland, only partial loads of food, up to 600 hundred boxes, were available for distribution. This time, a full semi-load of about 1,200 boxes will be delivered to Ashland, Ashland Police Chief Bill Hagstrom said.

“Spread the word, we are going to have lots of food,” Hagstrom said.

The food includes one gallon of milk, cheese, yogurt, carrots, apples, potatoes celery, pre-cooked chicken and bologna.

Hagstrom said on previous stops in Ashland, the department has helped workers offload food boxes using a city forklift.

“Then we just stuck around and helped them hand out food boxes,” he said.

Hagstrom said in the past, the food was all handed out in a couple of hours. This time with a much larger delivery, the event will last from 9 a.m. until the food is gone, however long that takes.

“We are encouraging everybody to stop by, take a box for yourself and take some boxes to give to neighbors, family members or friends who need it,” Hagstrom said. “We encourage people to spread the wealth,” he said.

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