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Everett’s Fisheries skipper Chris Johnson stands next to the company’s latest addition, the Avis J. Built in 1950, the fishing tug is being readied to take to Lake Superior. (Rick Olivo/staff photo)

For the past 70 years, the crews of the Everett’s Fisheries of Port Wing have plied the frigid waters of Lake Superior, wresting nets full of cisco chubs, lake trout, herring and whitefish from the big lake.

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Everett’s Fisheries’ Jeff Johnson with a rack with freshly smoked fish, ready for wrapping and boxing for shipment. (Rick Olivo/staff photo)

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Jeff Johnson with one of three delivery trucks operated by Everett’s Fisheries. Everett’s sells fish to distributors who deliver fish to stores in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, the Chicago area and as far away as North Dakota. (Rick Olivo/staff photo)

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One of the most popular items sold by Everett’s foods are smoked ciscos. (Rick Olivo/staff photo)

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