black walnut

The Ashland County Land and Water Conservation Department has sold more than a quarter of a million native trees and shrubs since 1993, encouraging residents to plant natives by providing low-priced plant stock. All of these plants are native and hardy to northern Wisconsin. Once established, they do not require fertilizer or maintenance. They provide essential wildlife habitat, reduce erosion, soak up precipitation runoff and protect water quality, and flowering plants support important pollinator species.

The department has 20 different species of trees and shrubs available. New this year: black cherry, American hazelnut and black walnut. Conifer transplants, including balsam, white spruce, hemlock and white cedar also are available. Transplants are larger trees with more developed root systems, and they have a greater success rate than seedlings. Trees and shrub are sold 10 or 25 per pack and range from $14 - $20. Back this year are also pollinator shrub packs, which are important because:

  • Approximately 75% of the world’s food crops require pollination.
  • Recent declines in honeybees are highly alarming.
  • Many, many fruits and vegetables require pollination.
  • Pollinators include bees, flies, wasps, butterflies, moths, beetles, & hummingbirds.

Sales began in October and run until April 30. Quantities are limited. Proceeds from this sale support youth conservation programs for local students.

Print an order form online at or call 715-682-7187 to have an order form mailed to you. You can pick up an order form at the Ashland or Bayfield County Land and Water Conservation Departments, Ashland County Clerk office, or UWEX offices in Ashland and Washburn.

Information provided by Ashland County Land and Water Conservation Department.

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