Bridget McCutcheon of Sanborn takes delivery in St. Louis of the cycle she intends to ride as she tries to become the youngest person ever to circumnavigate the globe on two wheels. (Contributed photo)

Bridget McCutcheon was all set to go.


McCutcheon with all the gear she will pack onto her cycle – including the tent and sleeping bag in which she’ll spend plenty of nights while trying to save money. (Peter J. Wasson/Staff photo)


Thomas McCutcheon1: Thomas McCutcheon (right) and his riding companion Shane Pufall at Machu Picchu in Peru. Thomas said his experience riding through South America should help his sister as she embarks on a round-the-world journey. (File photo)


Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has thrown the European portion of McCutcheon’s route into disarray. Russia, blocked with a giant X on her map, is out of the question. How she will get from central Europe to Asia remains to be seen, as indicated by the question mark on the map. (Peter J. Wasson/Staff photo)


McCutcheon with the armored, waterproof suit she inherited from her brother after his trip to South America. (Peter J. Wasson/Staff photo)


McCutcheon is tearing down the Kawasaki Ninja she rode to Washington State on her first trip, preparing to replace a head gasket and make other repairs. (Peter J. Wasson/Staff photo)


McCutcheon will start her trip by traversing Mexico then Central and South America, hoping political problems in Europe are resolved by the time she heads across the Atlantic. (Peter J. Wasson/Staff photo)

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