Fritz Wildebush

Those who knew Fritz know what he would have wanted to say here…but we aren’t allowed to swear in newsprint. So, here is what we will say instead to share his memory: Fritz passed away after a long illness while always inspiring those around him. Fritz was an extremely accomplished, innovative, self-reliant, French beret wearing, well-read man of the woods. He spent his life creating – building homes for himself and others, chairs, bridges, bonfires, terrible pumpkin pies, spectacular cocktails, and, of course, beautiful memories with so many wonderful friends and loved ones. Fritz loved very deeply in his own way. This was made evident through his long-lasting friendships, his appreciation for beer and jazz, the chapters of canine companionship, and his beautiful and loving partner Betty who was the light in his life. While his accomplishments were plentiful, he was most proud of his sons – Hans and Winston. Each inherited many of Fritz’s “isms” and will carry on his memory in countless ways.

In his memory, take a hike in the woods and raise a glass.

In lieu of flowers, please make a donation to Thank you.

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