This November, we have an opportunity to end the extended tenure of Scott Walker as our governor. His time in office has resulted in saying “no” to opportunities that would bring our people and our state forward.

Instead of protecting workers’ rights, he has dismantled the strength of unions. His promises to decrease taxes have been accompanied with losses in financial support for our schools and universities. He has consistently given into businesses at the expense of protecting our lakes, rivers, land and air. He has made it harder for people to access healthcare. His stated goals and intentions continue on this trajectory.

Despite this track record, in response to the overwhelming victory of Rebecca Dallet for Wisconsin Supreme Court, Walker describes his agenda as “optimistic” and sounds the alarm against the “Blue Wave” headed for Wisconsin. Walker has significant support from the Koch brothers and as a result, has consistently put corporate interests before the needs of the people of Wisconsin. Our state needs, and deserves, better.

Right now, the Democrats have a field of 14 registered candidates. I can probably name six or seven, and I’ve tried to do my homework. That’s a lot of candidates with a lot of different ideas. The Democratic primary is on Aug. 14, which leaves just 10 weeks between the day we pick our Democratic candidate and this candidate going head to head with Scott Walker. This time frame is tight. We need to be paying attention now; we need to get to know the candidates and be sure they get to know us, what we want and need from the Governor of Wisconsin. Speaking for myself, I want to be sure the person who goes against Walker represents us, inspires us and can win.

Wisconsin Choice, covered in last Saturday’s newspaper, is a project of Our Wisconsin Revolution and the Wisconsin Working Families Party working to help find that candidate. Wisconsin’s Choice is holding a series of events with the Democratic candidates around the state and hosting three rounds of online voting to find the candidate that most reflects the values and needs of Wisconsin citizens — and that’s us. We deserve better. To have “better”, we need to work together to find and support the person who can lead all of Wisconsin into the future.

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