Teams find hidden checkpoints on foot, bicycle and canoe. The beginner's race (5 hours) is designed for newbies and families, combining hiking, canoeing, biking and perhaps even some Amazing Race type challenges. Participants can do as much or as little of the course as they want. Our two other races (12-hour and 30-hour) are intended to challenge the more hearty adventurers with trail running, orienteering, mountain biking and paddling. 

Flat Water PaddlingMountain BikingOrienteeringRoad BikingTrekkingLand NavigationTeam Challenges/Mystery EventsDivisionsCoed Premier (3 or 4 person coed team)Open Premier (3 or 4 person same gender team)2 Person Coed2 Person Open (same gender)Solo MaleSolo FemaleApproximate Distances 


Bike: 8-15 milesTrek/Orienteering/Land Navigation: 2-4 milesPaddle: 2-3 miles


Bike: 24-36 milesTrek/Orienteering/Land Navigation: 8-13 milesPaddle: 6-10 miles


Bike: 65-85 milesTrek/Orienteering/Land Navigation: 18-25 milesPaddle: 16-25 milesMore Details
5-hour Check-in 11:30 a.m. | Race Start 1 p.m.12-hour Check-in 5:30 a.m | Race Start 7 a.m.30-hour Check-in 5:30 a.m. | Race Start 7 a.m.Canoes, paddles and pfds provided for 2, 3 and 4-person teamsKayaks, paddles, and pfds provided for solo racersNo support crew neededLimited gear listEvent Series

First Basis Adventure Racing Series

This race is part of the Wisconsin Adventure Racing Series, Wisconsin’s premier race series featuring ten different adventure races and cash prizes totaling over $2,000.  There is no fee to join the series, simply race any of the ten events and you’ll be automatically signed up.  The more races your team competes in, the better chance you’ll have of taking home prizes.  Compete in either the coed or open division in teams of 2, 3, or 4, and see how your team ranks against others in the midwest.


Register your team with USARA to receive series points.
The 30-hr Mule is a USARA Regional Qualifier with the winning coed 3- or 4-person team taking home a fantastic prize package including $400 towards entry in Nationals courtesy of 180 Adventure.


  • Starting Saturday, June 30th, 2018, repeats every year on the last Saturday of June until Saturday, June 26, 2021 @ 7:00 am – 7:00 pm


Cable, WI

Within 20 minutes of Cable, WI. Due to the nature of adventure racing we like to keep the the exact start location secret. It will be announced no less than 1 week before race day.
Cable, WI 54821

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