Taste of the Farm

This crumble can be made with fresh rhubarb or tucked away for later. Rhubarb freezes well for storage. (Contributed photo by Kara Berlage.)

It was a slow start on rhubarb this year, with winter refusing to leave and lingering cold temperatures. Then a stretch of dry weather dampened growth and caused us to bring out our sprinklers. We wanted our rhubarb! Dreaming of the flavors to come, we had dug up, separated and transplanted yet another round of older plants with their thick, starchy roots. Our patch now boasts well over 100 rhubarb clusters. With the more recent rain, you could practically watch the stems and leaves grow, and harvest season is now here!

The delicious tang of rhubarb stems is a beloved springtime flavor. Fixing rhubarb need not be tricky, and if you have extra, you can always chop it up, tuck it into a Ziplock bag and pop it into the freezer for later. This week’s recipe from Chef Kara is easy to put together and enjoy as dessert with a scoop of gelato or ice cream, but it’s also great as an oatmeal topping with yogurt!

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