Down on the farm

Fresh-picked asparagus and strawberries are some of the spring delights that make life worth living. (Contributed photo by Laura Berlage.)

The dawn is still dim as I awake this morning. Even before my eyes are open, my ears are showered in the chorus of cheerful birds singing outside my window. Trills, chatters, caws, warbles. Each morning they delight to greet the dawn as if for the first time. So many languages of joyfulness!

In the evening, there are more songs of birds and frogs and toads. One in particular caught my attention, a melodic cascade of kee-ru kee-ru kee-ru from the birches behind Farmstead. Jan, one of our members who is an avid birder, said I should record the call so she could help me identify the singer. Later that evening, I was able to snag a short video looking out over the creek as the distinctive song wafted over to the barnyard.

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