Cathy (Brooke Melek, left) and Judy (Leslie Wilson) commiserate after their marriages dissolve while an alien guide (Laura Comer) looks on in the background in “Tales of the Lost Formicans,” a StageNorth Groundlings production that examines modern stress on the nuclear family. (Contributed photo)

A blessing – and a curse – of higher intelligence is that we crave understanding and meaning. We want to know why our messy lives are so messy and what it all means.

Apparently, so do aliens.


The cast of “Tales of the Lost Formicans” is (seated, from left) Sophya Zangri, Brooke Melek, Leslie Wilson and Martin Curry and (standing, from left) Sally Kessler, William Siebecker, Laura Comer and Liam Delmain. The play explores the life of an American family through the lens of alien anthropologists. (Contributed photo)

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