Screenings abound at Sr. Expo

Regional nurses volunteer to test blood glucose and cholesterol at the 2010 Senior Expo. The screening, which is one of a dozen being offered at this year’s Expo, is extremely popular. It is important to note, you do not need to fast prior to participating in this screening. (Submitted Photo)

Maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle is important to everyone, including seniors. This is why free health screenings will again be offered at this year’s Senior Expo. The Expo is set for 8 a.m. until noon on August 24 at Ashland’s Lake Superior Elementary School on Binsfield Road.  A Senior Social will follow until 2 p.m.

Screenings at this year’s Expo include metabolic testing, heel ultrasounds, foot exams, balance tests, blood glucose, cholesterol and blood pressure readings, pulmonary function testing, strength screening, hearing and vision tests, brown bag screening and spinal nerve assessments. Health professionals from the Ashland area accommodate all of the screenings mentioned above. 

Seniors should register for the metabolic test ahead of time. There are only 20 spots available, so sign up today by calling Nutritional Services of Memorial Medical Center at (715) 685-5462.  Heel ultrasounds and foot exams by Dr. Flo will be available through Essentia Health. 

The Memorial Medical Center physical therapy department will be performing fall risk screening using their Biodex balance system. The test is done on a machine that assesses a person’s ability to maintain their balance and response to an unstable surface and compare the results to age-dependent norms to help identify if a person is at risk for falls.

Volunteer medical professionals will be testing individual’s blood glucose, cholesterol and blood pressure.

MMC’s cardiopulmonary department will be providing pulmonary function testing. Golden Living-Court Manor will be supplying strength screenings. Bill Holzhaeuser will be at the expo giving hearing screenings.

Local pharmacies will be providing a brown bag screening which allows seniors to bring in various types of medication, as well as any dietary substances and have professionals help decide whether they are substances that are safe or harmful to be taken together. Also, Dr. Hickman will be offering personal spinal nerve assessments. The Ashland Lions Club is sponsoring vision testing.

Seniors, don’t miss out on this beneficial and exciting day. It is an important day that could potentially make a healthier and happier you. It’s also a time to enjoy yourself and have some fun while watching our live entertainment, John Doane and our latest addition to the Senior Expo, Seniors Got Talent!

The BART shuttle will again be available for free and pick up locations include Family Video, Monk’s Bowling Lanes, and the Ashland Senior Center. Sponsors of this year’s expo are Ashland Health and Rehabilitation Center, Heartland Communications, The Lakes Community Health Center, and Memorial Medical Center.

Alexandra Tarasewicz is the summer intern in the public relations department of Memorial Medical Center.

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