Many of the health and wellness benefits of yoga can be achieved in a very gentle and supportive way when students are able to use a chair for safety and security. And not only is yoga a good fit for seniors looking for a low-impact form of exercise to increase strength and flexibility, but poses practiced in a typical yoga class can help build muscle mass and improve balance, further reducing the chances of falling. In fact, “Senior Yoga” or “Chair Yoga” classes are popping up with more frequency at senior centers and yoga studios across the country.

Charmaine Swan, director of Ashland Yoga Studio and certified yoga instructor, will share breathing techniques, meditation tips and poses modified to be taken in or using the support of a chair in a free session held at Senior Expo on August 24 from 9 to 9:30 am. The session is limited to 18 participants and registration is highly recommended. Please contact Ashland Yoga Studio at (715) 682-9644 or via email at Please include any information about current health conditions or disabilities when you register. You can also visit for more information about this and other upcoming classes offered through Ashland Yoga Studio.

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