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This year’s first confirmed human cases of West Nile virus (WN… Read more

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After pursuing a rapid growth strategy that involved adding 10… Read more

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“Rain, and then the cool pursed lips of the wind draw them out… Read more

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Verneal Mae Melton, 81, of Spooner died on Sunday, Aug. 13, 20…

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Hello, music lovers. When this paper comes out there will be 131 days until Christmas. That means you had better enjoy all this music while you can.

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Sen. Janet Bewley recently put out an article attacking Wisconsin’s Broadband Expansion Grant program. She argued that broadband investment hasn’t come to Northwest Wisconsin and suggested that instead, Governor Walker was using this money to line the pockets of his donors and friendly lobbyists.

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We were sitting at “The Shop” at A&H on Tuesday. It was Taco Night, and the place was packed. The TV was on and a report flashed on the screen, a picture of entertainer Glen Campbell, guitar in hand.

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Backed up sewage or flooded drainfields are not only smelly, messy nuisances, but they can spread diseases and contaminate drinking water sources, lakes, and groundwater. Attention to the care and maintenance of septic systems can prevent problems and save the cost of repair and early replacement.

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In today’s world, automobiles are unfortunately an important and necessary part of everyday life for most of us. Vehicles require motor oil to run properly. To keep a vehicle running well, an owner should change the vehicle’s motor oil and fluids regularly as defined by the manufacturer. Wit…



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