Old Hayward High School demolished

A wrecker operator for J-R Excavating of Hayward demolishes part of the former high school on Fifth Street Thursday, March 30. The brick building is being razed and will become a parking lot. 

Hayward’s former grade school, recently known as The Center and The Fuller Building across from Hayward Intermediate School on West Fifth Street, is being demolished.

The brick structure, including the one-story addition and the original 3-story structure, is being razed by J-R Excavating of Hayward. The property is owned by St. Joseph Catholic Parish and will become a parking lot.

Late Wednesday afternoon, March 29, the brick smokestack atop the 3-story building was pulled down by two wrecker operators towing cables attached to the stack. The smokestack toppled with a roar onto the parking lot pavement, followed by a big cloud of dust.

The building was used as Hayward's grade school from approximately 1923 to 1980.

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