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What’s the earliest age you think it’s appropriate to gift a mobile device to a child?

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The tunnel of shady conifers felt bitterly cold as I huffed uphill on my fatbike. Our wide tires crackled and popped over brittle leaf litter, sticks, and ice columns pushing up through once-damp soil. Sunshine beckoned up ahead, though, and as I burst into the open field at the top of the h…

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It came to me unwanted and unexpected via someone else’s cruising on the internet. It seems the Christmas lights we hang on the eaves of our house and garage each season are now considered “vintage.” It’s a lovely word really but for someone of my age it doesn’t scream fine wine, or lace cur…

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One of the best ways to enjoy the wonderful world of nature is by hunting with a camera. The joy comes into focus while driving or walking slowly and quietly through fields and woods to absorb and capture a photo of anything of interest, plant, animal, or scenery, and sharing that experience…