Storm 2

Geese, ducks and seagulls were forced to hunker down at Maslowski beach in the face of a strong wind and rainstorm. Winds over 80 miles per hour were reported on Lake Superior, while the rain event caused the Ashland wastewater facility to overflow Wednesday morning, dumping raw effluent and rainwater into Lake Superior.

It took just two and a half inches of rain to cause the Ashland wastewater treatment facility to overflow for the 20th time in the past five years.

The storm which hit the bay area Tuesday and Wednesday wasn’t the biggest storm to hit the area by any means, but it struck as the ground was already saturated from previous rain events, resulting in the wastewater facility’s holding pond to overflow into Bay City Creek, which occurred some time Wednesday morning. According to Ashland interim public works director, Sharon Campbell, the untreated discharge still met Wisconsin DNR wastewater discharge requirements.

The storm also caused waves to crash into the Maslowski Beach area, causing some minor shoreland flooding of the park and parking lot, and also moving considerable quantities of sand off the beach.

A portion of County Highway E near the community of Sanborn was briefly closed by high water Wednesday morning, but was reopened to traffic by 1 p.m.

Full information related to the storm will be included in Friday’s Daily Press online offerings.

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